CNC-MAGIC – routers provide the perfect solution for 2D/3D milling of soft metals, plastics or wood
Possible Applications:
Advertisement: Engraving/3D Mill, Tablets, Logos, House and Business Signs, glass engraving.
Graphic Art: Stamps, Pressure Marking, Relief Offset Printing
Jewellery: Encrustation, Medals, Signs, Brooches, Wax, Injection Moulds, Basma.
PCB: Engraving and drilling of printer circuit boards, Body frames
Optional Rotational Axis: Enhance flexibility using 4D milling of the rotating objects
Model Range of CNC-Magic routers includes Basic, Power, Magic-J as well as an extended special platform
Unique, powerful stepper motor drivers as well as the special purpose PC with installed CNC software is available for our customers
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